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Adnana Dubcak

Adnana  Dubcak
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    For most of people, buying a house is the biggest and often the most important transaction they’ll make, and that’s why she loves taking care of all the details in the most favorable way for her clients. And she has got experience with those details: she has purchased and renovated starter homes, permanent homes, and investment properties, so she is intimately familiar with all the ins and outs of buying and selling homes. Home ownership is a way to provide stability and define and express who you are. With that in mind, she loves meeting people like you, finding out what you’re looking for, and helping you find a place that meets your needs. Whether it’s your first home, dream home, or vacation home, she is as invested as you are in finding that right fit. She has lived in the Richmond area since 1998, and the quality of life in Richmond relative to the cost of living is exceptional. Allow her to find the right place for you!

    The Jenny Maraghy Team consists of over 26 expert agents and a 6-person administrative team representing buyers and sellers across Central Virginia. We have earned thousands of clients trust. Let us earn yours.

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